Mental Health

Mental Health Talk

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Marina Barrage Visit

Visit to Marina Barrage

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Educational Tour

Educational Tour at Kranji Heritage Trail

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tips from baking school singapore

Bake Like a Pro: Tips from the Best Baking School in Singapore

Unveil the artistry of baking with ICASTEC, a premier culinary and baking school in Singapore. Our comprehensive baking class is meticulously designed to equip enthusiasts with the skills and finesse needed to excel in the world of baking.
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Certificate in Culinary Skills

Short Courses in Singapore for Culinary & Baking Enthusiasts

Cooking courses in Singapore provide excellent opportunities for professionals to enhance their food and beverage skills. As trends evolve and consumer preferences shift, continuous improvement is crucial in Singapore's F&B industry to remain competitive.
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choosing wsq courses in singapore

5 Effective Tips on Choosing a WSQ Course Provider in Singapore

WSQ courses in Singapore, covering workplace safety and health and customer service among many others, are increasingly important in improving job prospects in various industries. These courses, provided by well-known course providers in Singapore like ICASTEC, help individuals gain practical skills essential for multiple job positions.
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