World Association of Chefs Societies

World Association of Chefs Societies(WACS) is a global network of chefs associations first founded in October 1928 at the Sorbonne in Paris. Today, this global body has 93 official chefs associations as members that represent over 10 million professional chefs world-wide.

Since 2011, “ICAS Training & Education College” has been awarded by World Association of Chefs Societies as WACS Recognition of Quality Culinary Education.  This is a prestigious recognition which puts ICASTEC on the world stage based on 12 criteria.

ITalian Chef Academy

Italian Chef Academy

Italian Chef Academy mission is to facilitate its students insertion in the world of work, through excellent training paths and apprenticeships in prestigious restaurants.

Throughout a rich program of professional training courses, Italian Chef Academy gives its students the possibility to create personal training paths, able to satisfy everyone’s goals.

All Italian Chef Academy  professional courses and the Advanced Courses have been studied to grant a full preliminary professional preparation to rapidly enter in the world of work.



ICASTEC is pleased to be the official training partner of WILLING HEARTS

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List of Authorised Recruitment Agents

Agent Company Name Contract Start Date Contract End Date Countries
1 DEPENDABLE OVERSEAS SERVICES 19-08-2022 18-08-2024 India
2 MIMOSA INTERNATIONAL CONSULTANCY 03-01-2024 03-01-2026 India, Sri Lanka, Myanmar and Indonesia
3 TRI THANH COMPANY LIMITED 25-04-2024 25-04-2026 Vietnam
4 RISE AGAIN INTERNATIONAL 13-05-2024 13-05-2026 South India
5 MUM SOPHIA AGENCY PTE LTD 14-05-2024 14-05-2026 Singapore and Myanmar

List of Agents which have ceased to represent ICASTEC

Name of Agent Cessation Date

We extend our invitations to potential students’ recruitment agencies from the following countries to join us for a very exciting and fulfilling educational business.

  • CHINA,
  • INDIA,

* All agencies are given proper training to familiarize with Singapore’s Private Education Rules and Policies over-and-above the college’s strict guidelines. Communication is critical and as such we have implemented clear and concise information in a guidebook made mandatory for agents before agents are being selected. Selected agents will be expecting high returns and receive continuous assistance and support from us.


Updated: 14 May 2024