The objective of the Graduate Diploma in Food Services is to provide student with a higher level business skills that can be used in the Food Services industry and allow student to apply the management theories and develop their skills that required in different and often challenging situation. This course will help student grow, develop and implement management strategy to ensure business goals are reached.

Upon successful completion of the program, the students will acquire:

  • Higher Managerial Skills in Food Services management
  • Understanding of business environment and managerial roles
  • Financial competency linked to Food Services industry

Course Duration & Method of Assessment


Full-Time Program

A total of 8 months of Institutional Studies.

  • Theory lectures
  • Workshops & Field Trips
  • Assignments
  • 3 Sessions per week (3 hours per session)

Part-Time Program:

A total of 12 months of Institutional Studies;

  • Theory lectures
  • Workshops & Field Trips
  • Assignments
  • 3 Sessions per week (3 hours per session)


i) Each Module will be assessed via the coursework the following formats:

  • Class Participation;
  • Assignment-Based Assessment;

ii) The Assignment will be set and marked by ICASTEC.

Course Syllabus / Content:

Module Descriptors: Total 6 modules (5 Core modules plus one specialisation module)


  • Identify, Develop, Lead and Manage Business Opportunities
  • Manage and Develop Finance in the Food Services
  • Manage and Develop Risk Management Plan
  • Leadership and People Management
  • Work Based Learning

SPECIALISATION MODULES (Any one from below listed modules)

  • Food & Beverage Management
  • Manage and Lead Kitchen Operation

Entry Requirements

  • Minimum 20 years old
  • Language Proficiency: A pass in English with Grade C5 and above at GCE O Level, or IELTS 6, WPLN Level 7 or equivalent
  • Work Experience: Without a degree candidate must be above 30 years old with at least 8 years of working experience
  • Academic Level: Degree

Course Fee

Course Fee *Inclusive of GST)*

  • S$13,744.15

Course Fee excludes miscellaneous fee which are non-compulsory or non-standard fees payable only when necessary.  A breakdown of course fee is given in the PEI-Student contract.  In accordance with the PEI-Student contract, Course Fee is refundable but Miscellaneous Fee is not refundable.