This program prepares students for the GCE-O level examination, giving them a better understanding and overview of basic subjects comprising of English Language, Elementary Mathematics, Additional Mathematics, Mother Tongue(Mandarin), Principles of Accounts, Combines Humanities (Social Studies, Geography/History) Geography and History

Upon completion, students will have developed the knowledge of chosen subjects and the skills to prepare for the General Certificate of education (Ordinary Level) (GCE O-level) examinations. Students who can pass the examination with good results can look forward to pursuing post-secondary/higher education in Singapore or overseas

Course Duration & Method of Assessment


12 months of day class Institutional Studies delivered via;

  • Theory lectures
  • Monday to Friday (6 hours per day)

Trainer-to-Student Ratio

Theory Lesson: 1:40


  • Oral
  • Written Examination

Course Syllabus / Content:

  • English Language
  • Elementary Mathematics
  • Additional Mathematics
  • Mother Tongue Language
  • Principles of Accounts
  • Combined Humanities (Social Studies, Geography/History)
  • Geography
  • History

Entry Requirements

  1. Minimum Age: 15
  2. Academic Level: Secondary Education Of Equivalent
  3. Language Proficiency: English at Secondary Level or Equivalent.

Course Fee

Course Fee (Inclusive of GST)*

  • $12,300

Course Fee excludes miscellaneous fee which are non-compulsory or non-standard fees payable only when necessary.  A breakdown of course fee is given in the PEI-Student contract.  In accordance with the PEI-Student contract, Course Fee is refundable but Miscellaneous Fee is not refundable.

Progression Path

Students may pursue their education to ICASTEC Diplomas, local polytechnics or junior colleges as well as overseas colleges and universities.

* Graduated progression pathway is subjected to the respective institutions’/Universities’ entry requirements at the point of application