The objective of the foundation programme is to offer students an alternative pathway to tertiary education. It will serve to bridge the differences in skill and knowledge set for potential students with different educational background.

On successfully completion of the program, the student would have acquired:

  • Basic IT skills for use in communication, project and business related
  • More versatile in applying the acquired Numerical and Mathematical skill
  • Raise student learning capability and a proficient thinker to meet the requirements for higher education

Mode of Delivery

Face to face

Teaching Method

  • Theory lectures

Course Duration & Method of Assessment


(Total 3 Months)

3 months of day class Institutional Studies

  •  Monday to Friday (5 hours per day)

Trainer-to-Student Ratio

  • Theory Lesson: 1:40


  • Written Examination

Each unit will be assessed via three examinations, set and marked by ICASTEC.


Course Syllabus / Content:

  • Computer Applications
  • Learning Skills
  • Mathematics
  • Critical Thinking

Entry Requirements

  • Minimum Age: 16 Years Old
  • Academic Level: N level or Equivalent
  • Language Proficiency: N level English or Equivalent
  • Work Experience (If applicable): Matured candidate who is above 18 years old with at least 2 years of working experience

Course Fee

  • S$2,900.00 (inclusive of other fee S$1,470.00)

(Total course fee inclusive of 9% GST)

Course fee excludes miscellaneous fee which are non-compulsory or non-standard fees payable only when necessary.  A breakdown of course fee is given in the PEI-Student contract.  In accordance with the PEI-Student contract, course fee is refundable but miscellaneous fee is not refundable.

Progression Path

Graduates can pursue any of our Diploma program upon successfully completion of the program